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Friday, 03 April 2020


  • Built-in, ultra sensitive GPS with detachable antenna
  • Low consumption GSM/GPRS quad band with detachable antenna
  • 3 Wide range (0-50V) Analog inputs for connecting external signals (expandable via RS485). Can be used also as digital inputs.
  • 4 Digital outputs for controlling external devices (expandable via RS485)
  • Lion battery 3.7V/1000mAh for greater autonomy ~20h without external power supply (in sleep mode)
  • Automatic sleep mode controlled via 3 axis accelerometer
  • Automatic wake up via vehicle movement or via SMS/CALL
  • 12-24V power supply with automatic charge of the internal Lion battery
  • Normal operation current ~100-150mA. Sleep operation current ~50mA
  • Ability to expand/connect with external devices via I2C interface
  • Ability to expand/control external devices via RS485 interface
  • Digital identification of drivers that are using the vehicle via IBUTTONS
  • Flexible device communication with the device via one of the following ways: 1. USB, 2. GPRS, 3. SMS (update of parameters, device I/O-GPS data read/write, etc.)
  • Digital outputs controlling via IBUTTONS, Phone call id, or SMS
  • Easy firmware update (the device is identified as an usb external flash disk in bootloader mode). Just drag & drop the new fw for update
  • Firmware update via GPRS (the device can connect to an FTP and download the new fw)
  • EURO OBD Support for the following protocols: ISO CAN-15765-4, ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230
  • FMS & J1708 support
  • No OBD/DTC/GPS data lost with real time saving of all captured data to the internal 3Mb Flash or an external SD card(optional)
  • Real time GPRS transmition of the OBD/FMS/DTC/GPS to the WEB
  • Powerful ARM7 processor